[★BREAKING] INFINITE Sunggyu fractures ribs, may not participate in comeback

INFINITE‘s Sunggyu has reportedly been injured and may not be able to participate in the group’s comeback promotions.

Reports are coming out that Sunggyu has fractured his ribs while filming an episode of variety show Singderella. During the show, contestants compete while singing and dancing in order to win food.

Due to his injury, Sunggyu will most likely not be able to participate in INFINITE’s Japanese promotions in April and Korean promotions in May.

According to reports, INFINITE members have all re-scheduled their activities and plan to continue promotions as much as possible. Their MV was scheduled for filming on the 30th and they are discussing changing the process of filming due to Sunggyu’s injury.

“Sunggyu cannot dance to the choreography due to severe pain in his ribs. Due to the fact that he will not be able to dance with his members we are probably going to have to change the content of the music video.”

— Woolim Entertainment Insider

Source: XportsNews