INFINITE’s Sunggyu Successfully Completes First Online Fan Meeting

He had a great time with fans.

INFINITE’s Sunggyu has successfully completed his first online fan meeting and met with fans on October 31 and November 1. He opened the meeting with “HUSH” and stated that it felt like he was on a date with INSPIRITs. 

Sunggyu was also able to feel the unchanging and deep love of his fans. He read the various compliments from the Sunggyu User Manual sent in by fans. He also made a surprise phone call to fans and had a great time interacting with them.

Sunggyu also took to Instagram to thank fans for such a memorable time. Members Dongwoo, Sungyeol, and Sungjong all attended the fan meeting to support Sunggyu as well. On the other hand, Woohyun is in Dubai for a concert and L is in the military doing a musical titled, Meissa’s Song.

Inspirit, you guys did a really really great job! I don’t think we will ever forget this performance. Thank you. Infinite is awesome.

⁠— Sunggyu

Woohyun also left a comment on the post, “Me tooㅜ I wish I was thereㅠ.” At the end of the meeting, Sunggyu expressed his gratitude to his fans around the world. “Thank you for your unchanging support these past ten years. I wanted to give you all something more, but I’ve actually received so much more.”

Source: osen