INFINITE’s Sunggyu Surprises Fans At Concert With Enlistment News

He revealed the details in an emotional speech.

Sunggyu announced that he will be starting his mandatory military service on May 14, making him the first INFINITE member to enlist.

All able-bodied men are required to serve in the military or carry out alternative public service for approximately two years.


During the last day of his first ever solo concert, he broke the big news for the first time in front of his fans.

“I think this might be shocking…but I felt that if I didn’t do it today, I would run out of time to say it. Next week…I will be enlisting in the military.” — Sunggyu


Fans were heard crying as they shouted words of encouragement like “always be healthy” and “we will wait.” 

“Don’t cry too much. I’ll come back healthy! While I’m gone the other members will continue to promote, so please cheer them on.” — Sunggyu 


He advised the fans to remember the concert, listen to his songs, and watch fancams of him while they wait for him.

“Keep the happy and fun memories from today in your heart. If we meet again at a concert or somewhere else… I’ll repay you for looking at me so warmly by singing for you again.” — Sunggyu


Woohyun was spotted in the crowd, looking emotional as Sunggyu made his announcement.

Sunggyu revealed that Sungyeol suggested they should all enlist together, but Sunggyu refused for the sake of the members and the fans.


Sunggyu was very emotional as he sang his last song before enlistment, aptly titled “Stay”.


Following the announcement, Woolim Entertainment confirmed his enlistment but did not clarify if the members will be able to send Sunggyu off that day, since INFINITE will be in Russia on May 13.


Fans all over the world were surprised by the news but are hoping to see him come back healthy and happy.

Source: Osen