INFINITE Fans Send Flower Wreaths Demanding Fair Treatment For Sungjong, Only For Woollim Entertainment To Take Them Down

Woollim ignored them.

INFINITE fans, Inspirits, continue to let their discontentment with Woollim Entertainment known.

Maknae Sungjong recently worried fans when he posted a cryptic message on his Instagram account last November 9, 2021. He expressed his disappointment and weariness at his current situation.

Lots to say, but won’t.

— Sungjong

Sungjong | @ssongjjong.ifnt/Instagram

He most likely referenced his lack of a Season’s Greetings package. Though he and Woohyun are the only INFINITE members who still have a contract with Woollim Entertainment—with Sungjong having renewed his contract just last June—only Woohyun had merchandise released. The company has yet to announce any similar details for Sungjong.

Woohyun (Left) and Sungjong (Right) | @ssongjjong.ifnt/Instagram

Fans quickly took to both social media and real life to voice their concerns. Three flower wreaths were placed by the entrance of Woollim Entertainment’s building. The writing on the accompanying pink ribbons showed how they demanded “fair treatment” for their artists.

My precious, my everything

Nothing in this world could replace you.

Fair treatment for your artists

Please keep your promise to provide full support for promotions.

— Inspirits

The message, “My precious, my everything, nothing in this world could replace you” came from INFINITE’s song “Together” which was released in 2014 as part of the Grow OST. Fans referenced it to express their heartfelt support towards the members.

Instead of responding to the criticisms, Woollim quietly took down the wreaths from the front of the building. An Inspirit pictured the current state of the building which lacks the messages that were previously placed there.

| @w89YFkTHJ4aCWEf/Twitter

Woollim Entertainment has yet to release a statement on the matter.

Source: Twitter