INFINITE’s Sungjong Under Fire For Implying Men Buy Women Sweet Drinks To Get Them Drunk

Sungjong’s statement from “Hello” is becoming a hot topic among netizens.

The incident began when Davichi‘s Kang Minkyung was complaining how Lee Haeri wouldn’t drink with her but she happily drinks with her musical co-stars.

Lee Haeri explained that she hates drinking, but someone on her musical team is a master at mixing drinks just to her liking!

“Someone the team mixed the drinks very well. They made me a cocktail but it was so sweet! I was never good at drinking soju, but the drink got me drunk, it was sweet, and it was just a small glass.” — Lee Haeri

But then INFINITE‘s Sungjong implied that the man made her drink sweet because he wanted her to get drunk faster.

“Sweet drinks make you drunk very quickly. So when a man is interested in a woman, he makes their drinks very sweet… to make you go faster.” — Sungjong

When the other cast members asked him to clarify what he meant, he jokingly feigned ignorance.

Netizens began criticizing Sungjong for implying that men get women drunk off sweet drinks to take advantage of them.

But the responses quickly became split as fans claimed that he simply meant that men get women drunk for them to quickly “go home” before it gets too late…

“Watch the episode first… It was a risky statement and it probably deserved a farther explanation but he wasn’t saying that he does it himself. He’s just saying that there are people who do that and that it means to ‘go home’…” — Netizen

While other netizens are claiming that he clearly meant what was implied and that he should explain himself.

“The reports are written correctly with exactly what he said. He said ‘go faster’ while making those hand gestures… Please stop protecting him by saying that he meant to say ‘go home faster’… Their fans who went to the recording claimed that he didn’t say it but those exact words were aired. You can’t trust them.” — Netizen

Sungjong and Woollim Entertainment have yet to make a statement about the issue.

Source: Instiz