INFINITE’s Sungyeol Gains Attention For His Ripped, Well-Built Body

He’s been working hard on himself, and he’s letting people know it!

INFINITE‘s Sungyeol is often talked about for his humor and talent, but now, he’s also getting praise for his well-built body!

| Woollim Entertainment

Recently, a friend of Sungyeol’s uploaded a photo of the two of them, and it immediately caught the attention of fans, for Sungyeol is shirtless in the picture while showing off his ripped bod!

Following the upload, fans began to look at his past photos of him to look at his progress, and were super impressed with how far he’s come! One fan compared his body from 2013 to 2021, and noted how toned and defined his abs are now!

Over the years, Sungyeol steadily built his strong physique, and updates fans about it occasionally! Back in 2017, he posted a picture of him working out on his personal Instagram, and drew awe from fans over his body!

Fast-forward to a year later, and fans could not believe how far he’d come, flexing his huge muscles for them to marvel at!

And fans aren’t the only ones who noticed the fruits of his labor! On a radio show, Golden Child‘s Jangjun also talked about Sungyeol’s body, sharing how he thought he had the best body out of all the idols!

Q: “Jang Jun-sshi, who do you think has the best body out of all the idols?”

Jangjun: “Of course, Lee Joon-sunbaenim is up there, but in my opinion, I think INFINITE’s Sungyeol sunbaenim. Yeah, Sungyeol hyung‘s body is really nice!”


Fans have been complimenting his well-built body and defined muscles!

In other news, Sungyeol was confirmed to have left Woollim Entertainment in March, and recently signed with fellow INFINITE member Kim Myungsoo (L)’s agency, Management 2Sang, building anticipation for his next activities as an entertainer!