Mark Your Calendars For A Celebration of 10 Years With INFINITE

Even ten years later, this group is still as awesome as ever.

In just a few days, the iconic group INFINITE will celebrate its 10th anniversary of its debut and of becoming one of the cornerstones of K-Pop.

Debuting on June 9, 2010, the group presently consists of leader SunggyuDongwooWoohyun, Hoya (departed in 2017)SungyeolL (also known as Myungsoo), and maknae Sungjong.

Their K-Pop debut was their mini-album First Invasion, with the lead track “Come Back Again.” The music video dance breaks and live performances quickly earned them the nickname “kalgunmu” (lit. knife group dance) thanks to their errorless, synchronized dances that showed each member’s skills while also making them look like they were dancing as one.

One year later, INFINITE returned with their first studio album Over The Top, with lead single “Be Mine” quickly solidifying the group’s position as one of the most popular and most talented in the industry. The song won them their first music show award which was quickly followed by another. The album was repackaged and re-released a few months later with the lead single “Paradise,” winning the group two additional music show awards. Four of their following releases also won first place at least once: “The Chaser,” “Man In Love,” “Destiny,” and “Last Romeo.”

While the group is well-known as a unit, each member has also made names for themselves as individuals and became well-loved for their personalities. Each has unique talents, which adds to their powerful stage performances. Fans have loved seeing each of their quirks on variety shows and enjoy watching the members explore different passions, such as acting in dramas and musicals. Member L has become especially well-known for his dramas, while Woohyun and Sunggyu have starred as leading roles in several stage musicals. Each member has his avenue to explore and excel in and fans have thoroughly appreciated the opportunity to see the group’s diverse strengths.

All members have also participated in side projects as all. Woohyun joined with SHINee‘s Key in the duo Two Heart, Dongwoo and Hoya became the subgroup INFINITE H, and Sungyeol, L, and Sungjong became subgroup INFINITE F. While Sunggyu has not participated in a subgroup, he has enjoyed success as a soloist, most notably for the two music show wins for his debut single “The Answer.”

Currently, all members are serving their mandatory military service, except for Sunggyu, who was just discharged, and L, who still has an unconfirmed enlistment date. It’s resulted in a different look for the group but has also increased fans’ excitement as they look forward to the group’s reuniting as a matured yet still fun-loving group.

Sunggyu and L will be celebrating the anniversary together and virtually meet fans on June 9 at 8 pm (KST) on V Live‘s “V COOKIE” channel.

Congratulations INFINITE to ten incredible years, and we wish you many more successful and joy-filled years to come!

Source: Newsen