K-Pop Idol Openly Admits To Being A Fan’s “Ex-Boyfriend” In Front Of Her Husband

The husband didn’t mind!

Currently, INFINITE‘s Woohyun (also known as Nam Woo Hyun) is on his 2024 WOO HYUN ASIA TOUR <식목일3 – WHITREE>!


Woohyun recently performed in Taipei. Many fans showed up, and he treated them to wholesome fan interactions.

One unexpectedly was a man, who was there with his wife. He caught Woohyun’s attention with a sign, “Please take care of my wife today.” Woohyun jokingly asked the fan’s husband if he married her knowingly that she was his “ex-girlfriend.”

Is this one a male? Oh, it’s a man. First of all, this one’s strong. ‘Please take care of my wife today.’ Before she was your wife, she was my ex-girlfriend. Did you know [that] and got married? 

— Woohyun

The husband nodded, provoking Woohyun to laugh and apologize. He said, “Really? Sorry, sorry.”

The concert is a dress code event where you’re supposed to dress up according to the theme (Baby Baby), and Woohyun picks the best dressed and gifts them a ring. Since this fan was married, he instructed her to have the husband put it on her instead.

In fandom culture, idols often joke that their fans are their significant others. So, Woohyun was joking that now that his fan has married, she’s his ex!

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