INFINITE’s Woohyun Introduces His Own Fanmeeting In The Cutest Way Possible

Could he get any cuter?

Since INFINITE‘s Woohyun finished up his Arbor Day Asia Tour, Inspirits have been eagerly awaiting the chance to see him again and it looks like that chance has finally come!


Through INFINITE’s fancafe and their official Twitter account, fans got the surprise of a lifetime! A special message from Woohyun introducing his own “2019 Nam Woohyun First Fanmeeting” event! But this wasn’t just any old introduction, it was absolute Woohyun cuteness!


Woohyun started off by introducing himself and asking fans if they had been feeling sad since Arbor Day had been over.

Hello, my name is Nam Woohyun.

Everyone, aren’t you all sad that Arbor Day is over?

(Was I the only one to feel sad????)

— Woohyun


With the introduction out of the way, Woohyun then revealed that a fanmeeting has been planned before he cutely added it was all because he asked for it to happen soon!

That’s why we arranged it.

An unprecedented fan meeting planned by Nam Woohyun

[A fan meeting quickly put together because Namu begged]

You’re going to come right?

You have to?

I’ll be waiting?

— Woohyun


Since hearing the news, Inspirits are absolutely overjoyed to get the chance to meet up with Woohyun!


But they’ve also been taking the opportunity to joke around too! Since Woohyun just announced the big fanmeeting and the event is scheduled for October 19, fans can’t help cracking up over Woollim Entertainment‘s quick actions when it came to Woohyun.


But who could ever say no to Woohyun, he’s just too cute!


Meanwhile, Woohyun’s special “2019 Nam Woohyun First Fanmeeting” is scheduled for October 19 with tickets for the event opening up on October 7.

Source: Melon