INFINITE’s Woohyun Is A Rising King Of Musicals And The Audience Loves Him

His voice is charming all musical lovers!

INFINITE‘s Woohyun has always had quite the voice to remember, but his recent development as a musical star is sweeping Koreans off their feet. He is currently playing the role of Mefisto the Demon in the musical “MEFISTO” and simply captivating the audience with his powerful stage presence.


In “MEFISTO”, Woohyun actually plays a double role of Mefisto the Demon, as well as Faust – an elderly man who ends up in a young body after his deal with the demon. Woohyun’s “duality” in acting out these two very different characters is more than enough to keep the house on their seat edges!


Woohyun is widely receiving praise for his portrayal of Mefisto as a sexy, charming, but dangerous being. The audience has noticed his brilliance on stage, filling the air with not only his voice, but his passion as well.


This is not Woohyun’s first musical. He has actively been building his career in musical acting. His previous work “The Days” also received nationwide recognition for shedding more light on the dearly loved and missed folk musician Kim Kwang Seok and his music.


Korean musical-goers now call Woohyun “a thousand faces” for his versatility and adaptability to drastically varying roles. The audience cannot wait to see a whole lot more of Woohyun in the musical scene!


Here’s Woohyun during the curtain call after a successful performance of “MEFISTO”. Beware, he is the sexiest devil you’ll see and he just might mesmerize you:

Source: Daum