INFINITE’s Woohyun Unveils His Five Alter Egos For Upcoming Fan Meeting

He will show different sides to him.

INFINITE’s Woohyun revealed his second poster for his 2022 NAM WOO HYUN FAN MEETING [Namu Company New Year’s Workshop]. This fan meeting will be held from January 22~January 23 at 5 PM KST at the KBS Arena. In the poster, he revealed the five different alter egos that he would be unveiling at the fan meeting.

Star Nam Woo Hyun

A living K-Pop legend and heavenly idol who possesses rich tones and cool and attractive high notes! The love for his fans is so great that his love for INSPIRITs have had no problems for a long time!

CEO Nam Dalla

A representative and self-made icon! After succeeding in his business, he tried to maintain his solemn composure to suit his position, but he cannot hide the fact that he doesn’t want to fall behind on the trends of the new generation…

Chief Nam

An ambitious person aiming for the number one spot. A positive man with high self-esteem that thinks he can be the best if Nam Dalla is gone!

Assistant Manager Nam

A true worker that dedicates his youth to the Namu company! However, his hobby is to follow around employee Nam, who is his junior, and nag him!

Employee Nam

He is a “yes-man” who is number one when it comes to passion! However, he is still a rookie as sometimes he puts forward too much passion. Although he is still young, he is learning to work hard through assistant manager Nam.

Performance Introduction:

Think Different! We would like to thank all the employees of Namu Company for their hard work this year. The 2022 New Year’s Workshop will be held for the best employees of 2021. We would like to ask for the participation and interest from the Namu Company executives and staff.

Affiliation Company Information:

Host/Organizer: Woollim Entertainment, Big Picture Live Production

We ask for INSPIRITs interest in the 2022 NAM WOO HYUN FAN MEETING [Namu Company New Year’s Workshop], which will be held at the KBS Arena on January 22 and 23.

Source: vlive