INFINITE’s L Will Reportedly Not Be Renewing His Contract With Woollim Entertainment

He is allegedly not renewing his contract.

It has been reported that INFINITE member L will not be renewing his contract. When INFINITE first debuted, they had initially signed a seven-year contract with the company. After those seven years, member Hoya left in 2017, leaving the group with six members. That same year, the remaining members signed a two-year contract with the company.

The said contract will be expiring this month. INFINITE recently celebrated the 8th anniversary of their fan club “INSPIRIT,” and INSPIRITs have been patiently waiting to hear about news on contract renewals.

According to an exclusive report by Apple Daily, member L (also known as Kim Myungsoo) has chosen not to renew his contract with the company in the hopes of further pursuing his career as an actor.

L has been active as an actor since 2011 and has allegedly been trying to shed his “idol-actor” image to be known professionally as an actor. His skills and healing roles have attracted many fans. He will be having a fan meet in Taiwan. Quick-eyed fans noticed how the poster did not include the “Woollim Entertainment” logo, which led to further speculations that L will no longer be housed by the agency.

L first debuted in 2010 with INFINITE and their song “Come Back Again.” They hit big in 2011 with their song “Be Mine” and have debuted in both South Korea and Japan. In 2017, Hoya left the group after deciding not to renew his contract with the company. The group’s last album was released in January of 2018, which is entitled “Top Seed.” Their previous activity as a group was a fan meeting in December of 2018, and the members of INFINITE have since been focusing on solo projects.

Source: Apple Daily