INFINITE’s L and WINNER’S Mino to join Yonghwa for special stage on “SBS Gayo Daejeon”

As the year end approaches, one thing that fans can definitely look forward to is the K-pop music award shows, and in addition to that, the special units and stages that are prepared for the annual grand ceremonies.

For this year’s SBS Gayo Festival (also known as SBS Gayo Daejeon), the show gathered five males of different personalities from various idol groups to form the Lucky Boys, as the show’s “Super 5.”

In the early morning of December 14th, it was revealed through SBS Gayo Daejeon‘s official Facebook account that they are preparing for a special project group, comparing them to the sweet and trendy honey butter chips that is currently the most popular snack in Korea.

2014 sbs #가요대전 super5#허니버터 처럼 우리를 #중독시킬럭키보이즈가 나타났다! 과연 럭키보이즈는 누구?? 5명의 럭키보이즈가 궁금하다면~#12월21일 저녁 8시45분본.방.사.수

Posted by 2014 SBS 가요대전 on Saturday, December 13, 2014

The first member of Lucky Boys was revealed to be CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa, while the second member was INFINITE’s L, followed by the third, who is WINNER‘s Mino. The three men are all dressed up in neat black suits, looking suave in the jacket photoshoot for the group.

D-7 2014 SBS #가요대전 #SUPER5뚜둥! 가요대전 한정판 그룹 럭키보이즈 첫 멤버 공개!허니버터처럼 달달함의 극치! 정용화! (다음 멤버는 자정에 공개할게요 ~.<)첫 멤버부터 장난아냐~!#정용화 #사랑해요

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2014 #가요대전이 아니라면 상상할 수도 없는 다섯명의 #꽃돌이들이 모였다!!오직!!! #가요대전만의 리.얼 한정판 그룹!뚜둥~ 두번째 멤버 공개!!신.몰.남 인피니트 L #엘(니은아님)!!

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2014 #SBS #가요대전 SUPER5매력적인 다섯남자 럭키보이즈!!세번째 멤버는?? 뚜둥~!내가 대세다! 끼쟁이 #송민호 #미노미노

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An SBS producer, Kim Joohyung, had also teased fans through his personal Twitter account, revealing what seems like the group logo for Lucky Boys, as well as a behind-the-scenes photo featuring Yonghwa. PD Kim also unveiled that ZE:A’s Kwanghee is appointed as Lucky Boys’ manager, while M.I.B’s Kangnam is chosen as their stylists.

SBS Gayo Daejeon will air next week on December 21st (Sunday), starting at 8.45PM KST.

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