INFINITE’s Nam Woohyun Drops New Digital Single That Was Written With Fans In Mind

Nam Woohyun is known for showing extra love to his fans.

INFINITE’s Nam Woohyun released his second digital single “When Fall Comes”. The new song and corresponding music video were released through various online sources from 6:00 pm on November 3.

The song was originally performed at an October 19 fan meeting at the KBS Arena. Nam Woohyun, who is famous for the special love he shows his fans, revealed that he had started writing the songs while holding solo concerts.

From this Fall, I wrote with the feeling of waiting for all of you.

—Nam Woohyun

“When Fall Comes” is a ballad that begins with a warm feeling that gradually grows. The harmony of the melody and musical instruments, that unfold differently from section-to-section, allow the flow of music to stand out. During the Autumn season, you can remember beautiful memories of your loved ones and the lyrics of the song make you want to cherish moments like that forever.

Nam Woohyun has established himself as a vocalist with a rich, sweet singing voice and has demonstrated his strength as a complete singer-songwriter, from writing to composing and producing each album.



Source: wowkorea