INFINITE’s Sunggyu Discussed His New Album Mini-Album “INSIDE ME” On “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time”

Find out Sunggyu’s creative process for his new mini-album!

On December 15, INFINITEleader Sunggyu, also known as Kim Sung Kyu, sat down with Choi Hwa Jung on Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time to discuss his newest mini album.

Sunggyu released his third mini-album INSIDE ME on December 14, along with a music video for his song “I’m Cold.”


Though this isn’t Sunggyu’s first album, it is a new experience because it’s his first album working without Kim Jong Wan from Nell. This album is also Sunggyu’s first album since being discharged from the military.

It’s my first time not working Kim Jeong Wan. Not because we argued have gotten on bad terms. We did work on a song together, but I wanted this album to have a new type of feel, so I am saving the son for later and tried something new. I think I might release our collaborated song next year.

— Sunggyu

Sunggyu then explained his song “I’m Cold” has “a beat rather than a rock feel, and the R&B hip-hop feeling is bigger. I conveyed the feeling of loss after breaking up in relation to the cold.

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Moving onto the album’s visual side. Choi Hwa Jung questioned whether Sunggyu put any special effort into the “sexy” concept for the album. Sunggyu replied that he didn’t put a lot of effort: “I didn’t specifically think, ‘I should do this.’ I just felt that I shouldn’t overdo it.

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One example of the “sexy” concept Choi Hwa Jung mentioned was a photograph of Sunggyu in a bathtub wearing a drenched white shirt. Sunggyu made a comment about the mentioned picture claiming that he wasn’t as imitated to shoot that photograph:

I didn’t think a lot about it since I was going in with my clothes on. My shirt became a little see-through because of the water. Before, I used to be embarrassed about things like this, but nowadays, I don’t really care.

— Sunggyu

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sunggyu had to hold a showcase online without an audience.

It’s different from before When I was doing a showcase without an audience, I felt strange. I couldn’t adapt and it was unfamiliar. I felt like I was singing alone while singing. I could see real-time reactions and responses online. It was awkward and sad, however, I was also grateful to see you.

— Sunggyu

Sunggyu was then asked what his biggest wish was and he revealed he wished the pandemic would end: “I want COVID-19 to quickly disappear and I want to meet fans and hold a concert.”

| @gyu357/Instagram

Hopefully, Sunggyu can meet his fans soon!

Check out Sunngyu’s music video for “I’m Cold” below:

Source: Naver