INFINITE’s Sunggyu Reveals Life After The Military And Plans For The Future In “The Star” Interview

He expresses how he has grown over the years.

INFINTE’s Sunggyu had the chance to sit down with The Star magazine’s April Issue and talk about his time away from the industry while fulfilling his two year military duty. He held an in-depth interview with the company and filled fans in on his time away from the spotlight.

Here are a list of questions he answered regarding the group and what the future may hold for him.

Anything you’d like to say to the other members still in the military?

I keep in contact with the members. I always answer any questions the other members may have while in the military. I know that they are probably having a hard time in the military. Our members aren’t really young anymore you know. We’ve all been dancing at a young age so our ankles and knees aren’t that great. I hope that they are healthy and in some aspects I feel bad for them. But I hope that they will be able to overcome this in a positive way and finish their duty! To be honest, I really miss them. During my concert, Woohyun and Sungjong came and it was so fun. It took me back to the old days when were all chatting together in the waiting room. I miss them even right now. Sungyeol keeps asking me things while in the military and I wish he would stop asking me (laughs). He is higher in rank so I’m sure he will be fine.

You are currently promoting on your own. Are there any moments you feel the emptiness?

I don’t have anyone to talk to in the waiting room anymore. When I’m with my members we are always making fun of one another, dissing each other, or sometimes even fighting with one another. It’s always loud. When I was younger, I was sad because we sometimes hurt each other with our honesty. The other members probably agree to this too. Now, I just miss those days.

It seems like all the members are really close.

We are close. We are able to diss each other because we are just that close. I recently ate food with Myungsoo and we laughed so much talking about the past. We both would be doing our schedules and one of us would be like “You, come out!” and we would fight (laughs).

We hope to see the whole group together again soon.

I recently saw a TV program with SechsKies hyungs and they were fighting the whole time. I could really relate to that. While I was recording, I asked Eun Ji Won and he said, “Honestly we don’t keep in contact much. But if we meet suddenly, we talk so much we don’t even know how much time has gone by. We still fight, but we are comfortable with that.” I am also really comfortable with my members.

You spent your twenties as INFINITE. How would you describe your 20s?

I spent my entire twenties promoting as INFINITE. When I was younger, I always thought ‘Do not regret the past’ but now I think ‘I should have enjoyed the moment more.’ During our world tour, we would be out of the country for a year and six months. I would have had a more enjoyable experience had I thought ‘It’s okay to make mistakes. You don’t have to be perfect.’ I had this mindset back then that I could never make a mistake and that the pressures of being a leader didn’t allow me to enjoy what I was doing. On days I did make mistakes, I would not go outside and just stay in and re-watch my mistakes over and over again. I was too harsh on myself. When I think about those times I am a bit sad, but those were some of my brightest moments. Now I want to just make some time for me.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

I don’t know. What I thought I would be doing now, when I was 20 years old is similar, but I can’t fathom what I would be doing at 40. Would I be married? Would I be on stage? Would I be doing something else? I’ve come to realize that at some moment, a turning point will come. I’ve always wanted some sort of change as I moved on from my twenties to my thirties. I’ll probably be thinking this same thing 10 years from now. But I do hope that I will still be performing on stage.

We hope to see the group on stage altogether very soon!