INFINITE’s Sungjong Reveals His Enlistment To The Military Through A Letter For His Fans

Check out his letter here:

INFINITE‘s maknae Sungjong has revealed that he enlisted to the military through a hand-written letter he posted onto Instagram. He claims he made his enlistment quietly last week and was unable to share the news with his fans publically.

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안녕하세요 인스피릿 인피니트 막내 성종입니다 편지를 쓴 게 정말 오랜만이죠 쓰기 전에 정말 많은 고민을 했는데요 그래도 제가 먼저 팬분들에게 알리는 게 좋다고 생각해 편지를 쓰게 됐습니다 이 편지를 읽을 때 즈음에는 제가 군대에 가 있을 텐데요 미리 이야기 못한 점 미안하고 또 미안해요.. 팬분들 얼굴 보고 갔으면 좋았을 텐데.. 가기 전에 여러 가지 활동들을 통해서 얼굴 비추고 가요 씩씩하고 건강하게 군 생활 잘 하다가 돌아올게요 울 인스피릿도 조그만 기다려 주실 거죠? 금방 멋진 청년 성종이로 돌아올게요 사랑해요 인스피릿 보고 싶어요 인스피릿 성종이 잊지 말아요 인스피릿

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The letter reads,

Hello Inspirit,
This is IFINITE’s maknae.
It has been a while since I’ve written a letter.
I’ve had many thoughts on what I wanted to share.
But when you will be reading this, I would have alraedy made my enlistment and be in the army.
I apologize for now sharing the news ahead of time.
I wish I would be able to greet you and share the news.
Before leaving, I showed myself through various activities.
While I’m gone, please be strong and stay healthy.
I will go and come back from the military!
Inspirit, will you wait for me?
I will return as a better Sungjong.
I love you, Inspirit.
I will miss you, Inspirit.
Don’t forget Sungjong, Inspirit.

– Sungjong

Fans were shocked by the sudden news but hope that he will be happy and healthy while he is in the military. Inspirits hope that he will return without any injuries and that he will have a good time in the army. Good luck, Sungjong!

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