INFINITE’s Sungkyu admits it was awkward working with Tablo again after three years

INFINITE’s Sungkyu confessed on how awkward it has been on working with Epik High’s Tablo for the first time in three years. 

On the May 14th episode of Kim Sung Joo’s Music Plaza on KBS, Sungkyu was asked about artist Tablo, who recently featured in his track, “Daydream.”

During the interview, Sungkyu was asked if he and Tablo have been awkward after losing his credit card in the past. To this, he confessed that he although he mentioned it before, it wasn’t the main reason for his awkwardness.

He was further quoted saying, “We met for the first time for three years because he was always busy. It’s like that with guys.” He went on to explain that although he felt awkward initially, eventually it went okay.

He closed his statement thanking Tablo for his participation.

Epik High used to belong to the same management agency, Woollim Entertainment, as INFINITE.

Source: OSEN