INFINITE’s L (Myungsoo) Is Captivating Fans With His Impressive Physique

Our eyes have been blessed!

Fans are going crazy over INFINITE‘s L (Myungsoo) healthy physique in the latest episode of his new drama Royal Secret Agent. 

The new drama, Royal Secret Agent, is set in the Joseon era where L’s character, Sung Yi Gyeom, acts as the eyes and ears for the King. Along with the help of Hong Da-In (played by Kwon Nara) and Park Chun-Sam (played by Lee Yi Kyung), Sung Yi Gyeom goes undercover and inspects the common people for any predicaments, abuse, or corruption of government officials.

| @kim_msl/Instagram

In the recent episode, L’s character is seen shirtless and taking an outdoor bath. Fans couldn’t help but turn heads when a shirtless L came up on the screen. Of course, several fans shared their admiration on social media to praise L on his fit build.

Fans are excited to see more scenes like this in the upcoming episodes!

Check out the trailer below: