Influencer Addresses Rumors Alleging She Is Dating Seungri

“I understand that there will be those who are shocked and disappointed.”

Influencer Yoo Hye Won addressed the rumors alleging she’s dating Seungri and vowed to take legal action.

Yoo Hye Won | @yu_hyewon/Instagram

On March 24, Yoo Hye Won took to her Instagram to respond to the dating rumors with Seungri.


I would like to apologize for causing confusion to those who truly care about me through recent news articles.

I understand that there will be those who are shocked and disappointed.

However, it has become too difficult to watch in silence due to the rise in the severity of speculation and malicious comments.

I was only able to endure the difficult time due to those who encouraged me and supported me.

I have collected all the baseless allegations and malicious comments and will proceed to press charges without mercy.

I would like to thank those who worried and supported me and ask that the malicious comments stop.

Thank you for reading my long letter.

— Yoo Hye Won

Previously, Dispatch reported that the influencer was spotted in Thailand at a luxury hotel with Seungri. According to the media outlet, it confirmed with the hotel that the two were allegedly spotted at that Seungri had stayed there. Dispatch also reported that after reaching out to the influencer, Yoo Hye Won stated that she was in Thailand for a wedding.

Dispatch Reports That Seungri Was Spotted At A Hotel In Thailand With Influencer

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Source: wikitree