Influencer Releases Statement Regarding Her Alleged Instagram Messages From GOT7’s Jay B

She denies claims that the screenshots are fake.

A post on an online community board went viral on July 18, in which screenshots of private messages allegedly sent by GOT7‘s Jay B to a Korean fashion model and influencer were shared.

GOT7’s Jay B |

The influencer, who has over 76,000 followers on Instagram, had originally posted screenshots of the alleged private Instagram messages from Jay B to her Instagram story, captioning them, “This is what I said to a celebrity because I had no idea how to respond.”

The posted screenshots showed that Jay B allegedly reached out to the influencer after finding her account, and the two purportedly chatted about the influencer’s Instagram activity, clubbing, Jay B’s military service, and more.

One of the screenshots showing the alleged conversation between the influencer and Jay B | @y_chaeee/Instagram
  • Influencer: What do you mean?
  • Jay B: I meant, have you only now seen the response to your story?
  • Influencer: Oh, you mean the response you gave to my first story? I just saw it, ㅠㅠ.
  • Jay B: Better late than never. What are you doing today?
  • Influencer: There isn’t really anything going on, so I am going to stay home.
  • Jay B: It seems you go to the club often. Do you not? LOL.
  • Influencer: Do you think I go to the club often?
  • Jay B: Your story seems to think so!!!
  • Influencer: LOL. I see you’ve seen my story. I think I went a couple of times recently.

The authenticity of the screenshots and the content of the messages were immediately debated among netizens.

As criticism of the messages grew from some netizens and others continued to come forward with evidence that they may be faked, the influencer posted a public Instagram story addressing the situation.

In her statement, the influencer claimed that she had initially shared screenshots of the alleged conversation between her and Jay B in Instagram stories only accessible to a group of close friends.

She shared that someone captured and spread the screenshots. She assured followers that they weren’t manipulated, but clarified she didn’t post them for attention.

Influencer’s statement regarding screenshots. | @y_chaeee/Instagram

The influencer alleged that there is nothing between her and Jay B while claiming they “are no longer in touch.” She asked that netizens refrain from commenting further on the situation.

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