Informant Says Madam Lin And The Burning Sun Were Connected To Foreign Triads

It’s heavily suspected that the Buring Sun was a money laundering site.

Madam Lin is an investor connected to the Burning Sun club, she owns 10% of the business. The SBS investigative journalism program We Want To Know recently conducted an extensive investigation of the scandal.

An informant told the journalist everything he knew in an in-depth interview. A particularly interesting part of the interview surrounds the shadowy Madam Lin and her foreign connections.

First, he talked about who Madam Lin is.

She’s the real big wig, Madam Lin from Taiwan. You can’t even mention her name in Taiwan, her husband is on the level of a prime minister there.

– Informant

Then a former employee talked about her foreign connections and the type of people who would often show up at the club.

She was at a very high level. Like triads. She would even bring the boss [to the club]. I heard they were her family. We would even place cushions on stainless chairs. They were scary. We were all very nervous that night. Please make sure it isn’t revealed who I am until I am in the grave.

– Former employee

Many people are now speculating that the Burning Sun was used to launder dirty money. Madam Lin would spend exorbitant amounts of money each night buying drinks for people. She even spent 200 million Won ($200,000) at one table once.

Burning Sun Scandal