“Inkigayo” Outed Itself As A Fan Of SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu During The Group’s Recent Performance

The cameramen couldn’t stop doing this!

Inkigayo just proved that they’re a huge fan of SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu, and it was all proven during their recent “Fear” performance!


SEVENTEEN appeared on Inkigayo to perform their new track, “Fear”. And everything seemed normal at the beginning.


But fans quickly caught onto the cameramen who seemed unable to help themselves from focusing on Mingyu! Even when Mingyu was hidden in the back, the camera focused on him!


Even when Mingyu covered his face with his hand, the cameras were there to capture it!


When Mingyu’s turned around and you can’t even see his face? Gotta get that back shot of him too!


Whenever it was Mingyu’s part, the cameras never strayed to any other member.


But when it was another member’s part, they would focus on the other member but briefly pan to Mingyu again!


When the cameramen have to break into a full span, they begin by focusing on Mingyu!


Although there are 13 members in the group, Mingyu could be spotted getting the spotlight at every chance!


And of course, the ending fairy was Mingyu!


Perhaps it’s because Mingyu was once the show’s MC for over a year, but the cameramen just couldn’t take their lenses off of him! But we don’t blame Inkigayo because who wouldn’t be smitten by this handsome prince?!

Source: Nate Pann