In-N-Out Burger Opened A Pop-Up Store In Seoul For Just 3 Hours And The Response Was Ridiculous

People traveled hours just for a taste.

In-N-Out Burger, the famous burger chain from California, opened its first pop-up store in Seoul! The store opened for only a one-day event for 3 hours.


The store was scheduled to open at 11 am and close at 2 pm with only 250 burgers to sell. They offered the “Double-Double Burger”, “Animal Style Burger”, and “Protein Style Burger”, and only one burger per person allowed.


Over 3 hours before the store was set to begin, customers began to line up at 7 am. By 9 am, there was a line that was too long to contain in the little alley of Gangnam. Hundreds of people showed up to get a taste of the famous burger joint!


As traffic became hazardous, the store decided to open its stores early at 9:30 am. By 11:30 am, it was all sold out!


People of all ages from teenagers to the elderly in their 70s traveled hours to make it in time for the store opening. However, many were unable to grab a piece as the response was much larger than ever expected!


The chef and representative of In-N-Out Burger personally came out to apologize to the customers who had to leave empty-handed.


As the response towards the famous burger joint was much bigger than expected, perhaps In-N-Out Burger will be making their official launch in Seoul much like Shake Shack who saw its most profitable branch since opening a store in Korea!

Source: Money Today and Dispatch