Insider claims G-Dragon will release a new song or new album by June

YG Entertainment confirmed that G-Dragon is working on new songs but did not give exact details on dates.

G-Dragon recently posted pictures of himself sporting a beard and mustache, possibly hinting at a new style. Insiders have since revealed that the reason he grew out his facial hair was because he has been too busy recording his solo songs, which may be released as either a single or an album prior to his solo concert on June 10.

“G-Dragon was working on his song throughout the night and up until the morning of the 18th. He is busy working on his solo album every day so unfortunately he does not have time to shave. These days he does not go out anywhere except the studio so his facial hair naturally grows out.”

— Entertainment Insider

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Following the release of the insider report, YG Entertainment also confirmed that G-Dragon is preparing his solo comeback, but did not provide a date.

“G-Dragon is consistently working on his solo album. There currently are no plans on when he will release these songs. He is going between YG and The Black Label’s studio to work on this.”

— YG Entertainment

Source: Star News and Xportnews