Insiders reveal that BTS plans to release a new album in February

BTS broke records with their last album WINGS and are ready to do it all over again with their next release.

The group has been working nonstop since they released their 2nd full album WINGS back in October. Performing on broadcasts, winning awards, and preparing for their worldwide tour, BTS certainly has their hands full. Adding to this list, the group is reportedly gearing up for their comeback soon.

According to Yonhap News, BTS is aiming to release another album as early as February and will only be promoting the album for a short period of time. The album is also said to be connected to the previous “WINGS” album.

According to personnel from a music distribution company:

“It is unsure what form the album will take, whether they will it with completely new songs that have connections to the 2nd album or not” 

Fans have been speculating the comeback due to a teaser during one of the group’s performances. During KBS’ Song Festival, BTS revealed an altered logo of the “WINGS” album. The text was in gold instead of white, and under WINGS were the words “You never walk alone.” Since they only released versions W, I, N, & G of the album, it is assumed they will be releasing version S for this comeback.

Due to their huge success and worldwide popularity, it seems as if companies are watching over BTS. Another personnel reported to Yonhap saying:

“Other companies are paying close attention to BTS’s album release date and some singers are trying to actively avoid them”

Sources: Yeonhap News