InSomias Trend #JusticeForDreamcatcher Due To Error In Vote Counts On ‘The Show’

Fans are furious about the error.

Dreamcatcher’s fans have been trending #JusticeforDreamcatcher due to an error that took place on The Show.


 A miscalculation of votes on The Show was recently revealed, and angry fans have been criticizing the music show for giving the first place trophy to EVERGLOW instead of Dreamcatcher and costing them their first ever win.



Dreamcatcher had placed first in both the pre-voting and live voting categories, and their song had even reached Billboard charts. So when they didn’t win, fans were furious. They were further instigated when the show uploaded what they thought was a very badly edited image of Dreamcatcher to their official Twitter account, feeling that The Show was purposely doing their idols dirty.



What do you think of the controversy?