Is “Golden Hour” A Gordon Ramsay Diss Track? The Unexpected Inspiration Behind NCT Mark’s New Song Is An NCTzen

Imagine being Mark’s muse!

NCT’s Mark was inspired by the most unexpected thing for his new song.

NCT’s Mark 

Mark will release his second solo track, “Golden Hour,” through SM STATION: NCT LAB, on April 7.

He recently revealed the inspiration behind “Golden Hour” during a live broadcast.

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Mark revealed that an NCTzen’s 2018 tweet about her “boyfriend” making eggs, using photos from his cooking, inspired the song. It became a meme when celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay quote-tweeted it, encouraging her to break up with her boyfriend and return to Tinder.

To whoever… I forgot your name, but to the person, to the fan that really started all of this for ‘Golden Hour,’ the person who sent that tweet to Gordon Ramsay in the first place years ago… Shoutout to the person.

— Mark

Mark clarified that Ramsay is only mentioned in “Golden Hour.” However, it’s not a diss track!

I’m not gonna roast Gordon Ramsay. It’s more of … it’s a shoutout. I’m just gonna mention him.

— Mark


this whole time I thought it was a fake tweet 😭 mark x gordon collab when #marklee #nct #nctdream #nct127 #nctu #nctmark #marknct #kpop #markleeinstagram #markleegoldenhour

♬ Child – MARK

We wonder how OP (Original Poster)’s doing knowing they are Mark’s muse!

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