Instagram Releases Year In Review 2017, These are the Top Korean Celebrities On Their List

Instagram Korea has released their Year in Review for 2017 & many popular celebrities made the top of the rankings!

The winners will be receiving trophies from Instagram themselves! 

One of the rankings released was “Most Followed Celebrities of 2017”.

Did your bias make the list?

10th – Lee Sung Kyung

2016 was Lee Sung Kyung’s break out year for work but in April 2017, she was in the news for dating Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo co-star Nam Joo Hyuk and again in August when they announced their break-up.

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9th – BIGBANG Taeyang

Taeyang released his White Night album in August 2017 and set out on a world tour, filling his feed with shots from all over the world.

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8th – BIGBANG T.O.P.

T.O.P. began his mandatory military service and soon after, was found guilty of marijuana use.

You can still see the rapper’s vivid art collection and lifestyle on his Instagram page.

7th – Nam Joo Hyuk

Nam Joo Hyuk did what any boy would do after a breakup.

He hung out with his equally handsome best friend, played some hoops with Steph Curry, and starred in a new drama!

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6th – Lee Jong Suk

The rising Hallyu star not only starred in the super popular drama While You Were Sleeping, he also had several fan meetings and co-wrote a poetry book as well!

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5th – Girls Generation Taeyeon

Though she is currently embroiled in controversy due to a recent car accident, Taeyeon spent 2017 celebrating Girls’ Generation’s 10th anniversary and the release of her first studio album, “My Voice”.

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4th – EXO Baekhyun

Baekhyun uses Instagram to express his love for EXO-L and his friends, like Super Junior Heechul.

He also uploads a lot of funny photos, like this obviously photoshopped shot of himself!

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3rd – EXO Sehun

EXO’s youngest member also likes to communicate with EXO-L via Instagram, and uploaded a series of “spoiler” pictures before the release of EXO’s “Kokobop”.

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2nd – EXO Chanyeol

This rapper from EXO can be found uploading text message screenshots when he greets his fellow members’ Happy Birthday and showing off his friendship with Block B’s Zico, CN Blue’s Jonghyun and actors Shin Kang Woo and Choi Tae Joon.

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1st – BIGBANG G-Dragon

The fashionista superstar ruled 2017 once again with the release of his self-titled solo album “Kwon Ji Yong”, his ACT III M.O.T.T.E. World Tour, and the continued success of his clothing brand PEACEMINUSONE.

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Instagram stories turned 1 in 2017, and Instagram Korea took a look at the accounts with the Most View Instagram Stories of the Year.

5th – Dok2

Whether it’s producing new talent, writing his own music, and chilling with his equally talented friends – Dok2’s Instagram stories are always popping!

4th – Girls Generation Sooyoung

Though she has decided to part ways with SM Entertainment to focus on her acting career, you can still see her communicating with fans from all over the world through her Instagram stories!

3rd – Jessi

According to her Instagram stories, it seems like this girl boss is in a different city every week!

Despite this, she finds time to do Instagram lives with her fans too.

2nd – Girls Generation Taeyeon

Considering how high up she was on the ‘Most Followed of 2017’ list, it’s no surprise to see her on this list as well! Taeyeon is tends to upload stories with cute selfies or her fave song of the moment.

1st – Jessica Jung

This former girl group member turned fashion CEO is always jetting around the globe.

But she makes sure to keep her fans in the loop with Instagram stories!

This year’s Instagram Korea report showed just how Instagram has brought celebrities and fans one step closer together.

Sources: XSports News, Sports Chosun