Instagram Unblocks Red Velvet Irene’s Account

Her account is back and fans couldn’t be happier!

After opening an Instagram account, trending worldwide, and then having her account unceremoniously taken down by the photo-sharing giant, Red Velvet’s Irene has had an interesting last few days. Fans have been waiting with bated breath for Instagram to release whatever hold they had on Irene’s account.

While it’s understood that the only reason her account was flagged was because of the influx of followers the new account received as the result of being an internationally popular idol, fans of the singer were anxious for her return to the social networking site, not just because they want to follow and support their idol, but also because of the influx of fake Irene accounts that had cropped up in her absence.

As of today, their wait is over! Irene’s official personal Instagram account @renebaebae is officially back online!

Irene’s first and only post, which is timestamped for the original date she opened the account, is a video of her skipping joyfully.

ReVeluv are jumping—no, skipping, for joy as news of her accounts reappearance spreads. 🙌

Red Velvet