Idol-Studded Interactive Web Series Gearing Up To Premiere This Week

You can even choose who the main lead ends up with!

Convenience Store Fling or Flirting Convenience Store (there is not an official English title yet) is an upcoming interactive web K-drama featuring 4 idols: PENTAGON‘s Wooseok, Golden Child‘s Jaehyun, VICTON‘s Subin, and AB6IX‘s Donghyun.

Yeo Joo Ah (Choi Ji Soo) is a convenience store worker who ends up piquing the interest of four handsome boys. It is being promoted as an “interactive web drama” by allowing viewers to vote which boy she will end up with in the end. Though some wonder if it will end up similar to SF9‘s Click Your Heart in which there was a different ending for each boy.

Joo Ah is described as a “forever convenience store worker” who has something unexpected happen to her.

Donghyun is the sweet manager of the store that Joo Ah works at.

Jaehyun is a puppy-like character who wishes to protect Joo Ah (who is older than him).

Subin is a tsundere part-timer who is initially cold but grows friendlier over time.

Wooseok is a chic boy who constantly argues with Joo Ah about mint chocolate products because he loves them.


Who do you want Joo Ah to end up with? It premieres January 23!

Source: Naver