Interest In Yves Saint Laurent Skyrockets By Up To 1,000% Thanks To BLACKPINK’s Rosé

Shopping data show Rosé’s impact within just 2 weeks.

It’s only been a month since BLACKPINK’s Rosé wowed everyone as the star of Yves Saint Laurent’s new global campaign, but she’s already making huge waves in the industry. According to shopping data from iPrice Group, a Southeast Asian price comparison site, interest in Saint Laurent products has skyrocketed across numerous countries. Some have even seen upticks of over 1,000%!

Yves Saint Laurent revealed their first video with Rosé on June 29. Since then, the BLACKPINK star’s Fall 2020 campaign billboards have been spotted across the world, from Hong Kong to Australia.

Sydney, Australia | @mhaha_/Twitter

And in particular, it seems like Rosé is making huge waves in Southeast Asia. Shopping data from iPrice Group shows that within two weeks of Saint Laurent appointing Rosé as their ambassador, searches for the brand increased exponentially on e-commerce sites in Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

| Yves Saint Laurent

Searches across all Yves Saint Laurent products increased by 13% on average in the aforementioned countries, with Malaysia and the Philippines seeing big increases of 23% and 22% respectively.

| Saint Laurent/YouTube

Handbags, however, are where Rosé’s impact really shined. The talented singer is known for her impeccable taste in luxury bags, and she recently revealed that her interest in fashion actually started when she began borrowing her mother’s vintage bags as a teen. Over the last few weeks, she’s been seen modelling Yves Saint Laurent’s Solferino bag.

| @ysl/Instagram

So, it’s no surprise that everyone is interested in the brand’s handbags since Rosé stepped onto the scene. In Indonesia, for example, searches for Saint Laurent bags increased by a staggering 1,168% in the weeks following Rosé’s campaign launch.

Hong Kong also saw a dramatic search increase of 600%, while searches in Thailand increased by 326%. On average, Rosé’s impact led to a 343% jump in Yves Saint Laurent handbag interest.

While the brand is yet to release any sales data, it’s clear that Rosé’s campaign is already an incredible success. BLINKs who love the partnership can rest assured that Yves Saint Laurent will likely be utilizing her impact and partnership for years to come.

Source: iPrice Group