International ARMYs Are Calling Korean ARMYs Out On Their Alleged Racism

But everything might not be what it seems.

Korean ARMYs and International ARMYs usually get along really well and are known throughout the different K-Pop fandoms for their strong friendships, but some recent posts made by a fan cafe have left a really bad taste in international ARMYs mouths and they are not being quiet about it.


It started with some posts accusing Black ARMYs of stealing and leaking videos of BTS. The fan cafe was run by someone who was claiming that they were a Korean ARMY.


When the fan cafe was reported for its racism, it was shut down. Unfortunately, that seemed to further provoke the fan cafe owner and they let loose a whole string of racial slurs.


The very obvious racist remarks soon caught the attention of international ARMYs who decided that the fan cafe owner had gone way too far. They began tweeting out with the hashtag #karmy인종차별.


“인종 차별” is Korean for “racial discrimination” and soon the hashtag was trending with many, many I-ARMYs voicing their disapproval of racism in the fandom.


Around this time a new hashtag emerged. Netizens started using #ArmyLovesArmy to show that everyone can be an ARMY regardless of where you come from or the color of your skin.


But some ARMYs thought the new hashtag was a way to undermine #karmy인종차별.


Then some other netizens stepped in and released some news that showed the fan cafe owner and anyone else that had added to the racist remarks were very likely antis or trolls trying to create drama before BTS’s August release.


The news that it might actually be an attempt to split the fandom seemed to immediately put out the worst of the fire, although many international ARMYs still thought BigHit Entertainment should look into and address the issue of racism.


But through it all, there were numerous Korean ARMYs that took their fellow fans’ words to heart and issued a sincere apology for any mistreatment that may have been made by other Korean ARMYs.


Even if BigHit Entertainment hasn’t looked into the issue yet, international ARMYs know that there are plenty of Korean ARMYs who will stick up for them and love them like family. So you can still say that ARMYs have one of the best friendships around. BTS would be proud!