International ARMYs Are Having Serious FOMO As BTS’s 10th Anniversary FESTA Event Is Revealed

RM will be there with ARMYs?!

BTS are celebrating a huge milestone this year. It’s 10 years since their debut.

BTS’s 10th anniversary family portrait | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Yet, with Jin and J-Hope currently fulfilling their mandatory military service, the group can not celebrate as usual. So, ARMYs have been curious how their elaborate, annual FESTA event would be celebrated.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

More updates regarding FESTA have slowly been revealed. On June 6, KST, the official YouTube channel for BTS released a mysterious teaser for FESTA 2023 revealing the event’s location to be Yeouido Hangang Park and the date of June 17.


The location, Yeouido, was chosen for a special reason. BTS held their very first fan sign event there. The group originally debuted on June 13, 2013, and two weeks later, on June 28, they had their first fan meeting at the IFC Mall in Yeouido. No matter how successful they become, they never forget their roots.

Now, more information regarding the 2023 FESTA event has been released via Weverse, and it’s very exciting. BTS’s 10th anniversary will be celebrated with an outdoor festival at Yeouido Hangang Park on June 17.

‘BTS 10th Anniversary FESTA @Yeouido,’ an outdoor festival where ARMY and the public can enjoy, will be held at Yeouido Hangang Park to celebrate the 10th anniversary of BTS.
We are doing our best to provide a safe experience for everyone by following the safety management guidelines. We ask for your continued interest and support.

— Weverse

| Weverse

The festival will be filled with many activities for ARMYs to enjoy, from an interactive playlist, the members’ performance outfits displayed, fireworks, temporary tattoos, a raffle, and more.

BTS 10th Anniversary FESTA @Yeouido
[Event Information]
– Date: Saturday, June 17, 2023
– Location: Yeouido Hangang Park

1) Exhibition and Experiential Spaces *The event site opens at 12 PM.

— Weverse


If that was not exciting enough, BTS’s leader himself, RM, will be onsite at the event at the ARMY Lounge to host a visible radio program. Maknae Jungkook will narrate the firework show.

2) Special Programs

— Weverse


3) Special Areas
*Only pre-registered guests or event winners can enter each zone.

— Weverse


* The event schedule and contents may change in the event of rain, and the changes will be announced via BTS Weverse Notice and BTS official Twitter account.

🔍[MAP] Zoom in or download to enlarge the map

— Weverse


It sounds like a legendary event perfectly fitting for BTS’s milestone anniversary! Unfortunately, ARMYs worldwide are experiencing serious FOMO right now, knowing they can’t attend since the festival is exclusive to South Korea.

Thankfully, there is at least online streaming. Better than nothing?

Read the rest of Weverse’s announcement below.

[Exhibition and Experiential Programs]
1. 10 Years of BTS
Take a trip down memory lane of the glorious moments of BTS with their discographies, awards, and trophies they garnered over the past ten years.

2. “Run BTS” Stage Outfits
The outfits worn during the “RUN BTS” performance at the “BTS <Yet To Come> in BUSAN” concert will be out for exhibition. Come and feel the vibrant energy charged in the scene.

3. 10th FESTA Monument
The “BTS Presents Everywhere,” the slogan for the BTS 10th Anniversary FESTA, will be exhibited in the form of a large monument. Take a photo at the monument and keep the memory of the day that will last in your heart for a long time.

4. BTS Family Portraits
“Family Portraits” is the content that received a lot of love every year at BTS FESTA, and it’s back again. Along with the previous family portraits, take a photo in the 2023 BTS FESTA Family Portraits decked out into a Photo Zone and make memorable photos.

5. Bring The Song: My BTS Playlist
This is an interactive event where seven members personally recommend songs that will spice up your playlists in celebration of the 10th anniversary of BTS.

6. Temporary Tattoo Booth
Stick temporary tattoo stickers of major tracks of BTS and meaningful phrases, and add a special touch to your skin by stepping up the outdoor festival vibe with them.

7. BTS Live Screen
Gather around at the large screen with everyone and watch the major performance videos and music videos of BTS and previous FESTA content.

8. Partner Event Booth
On-site event booths will be available, operated by the partners of BTS 10th Anniversary FESTA.

[Special Programs]
1. It’s 5 PM, and This is Kim Namjun. (From 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM)
Be part of the special event where RM, the leader of BTS, will communicate with fans onsite at the ARMY Lounge. The event will also be live-streamed through BTS Live Screen at different areas of the Yeouido event venue beside the ARMY Lounge.
▶Online Streaming : Weverse Live (Simulcast live), TikTok (Delayed streaming in vertical screen)

2. BTS 10th Anniversary Fireworks Show (From 8:30 PM to 9:00 PM)
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of BTS, a beautiful firework show will take place along with BTS’s music and Jung Kook’s narration. Gazing at the fireworks that decorate the night sky in Yeouido, look back on your ten years with BTS and look forward to the day you meet them again.
▶Online Streaming : Weverse Live (Simulcast live), TikTok (Delayed streaming in vertical screen)

[Special Areas]
1. ARMY Lounge (Raffle exclusive to ARMY MEMBERSHIP holders)
In this special area where you can gather with fellow ARMY, you can watch clips of major performances of BTS and previous FESTA and take pictures at 4-cuts photo booths. You will also be able to watch “It’s 5 PM, and This is Kim Namjoon” onsite that RM will host at this spot.
At the ARMY Lounge, the OFFICIAL BTS LIGHT STICK VER. 3 and the SPECIAL EDITION will be centrally controlled. No separate seat pairing is required.

2. Firework Spectacle Zone (Raffle exclusive to BTS Weverse Community members)
This is the best spot to watch the fireworks that celebrate the 10th anniversary of BTS. (The firework show can be enjoyed freely in other areas of Yeouido Hangang Park other than this Zone.)

For further information on entry and event raffle for the ARMY Lounge and Firework Spectacle Zone, please refer to the community notice scheduled to be posted on BTS Weverse at 3 PM(KST) on June 8, Thursday.

📌Important Notes for Event Participation
– When the firework show ends, there is a risk of safety accidents if a large number of people attempt to leave at once. Heavy crowding at the exit routes is expected, and we kindly ask you to proceed as instructed with decorum.
– In case of an emergency, using and seating in some areas may be restricted to secure emergency routes, so please cooperate with the instructions of the onsite staff.
– Safety guards and staff members will be stationed in the event venue. In the event of an emergency, please get in touch with a nearby staff member for help.

– No separate parking space is provided within the event venue, and vehicle access is not allowed. Please use public transportation for your visit.
– On the event day, traffic congestion is expected nearby the event site, and some roads near the venue will be partially restricted. Please check your transportation options in advance to avoid any inconvenience.
– If a large crowd flocks when the event ends, Yeouinaru Station may get temporarily closed. Please follow the instructions of onsite staff and go to nearby subway stations such as Saetgang Station or Yeouido Station.

*Weather and health
– Please pay attention to signs of dehydration caused by hot weather, and seek assistance from the nearest staff member if you have any health problems during the event.
– To cope with the weather conditions on the event day, we highly recommend preparing items such as hats, sunglasses, umbrellas, and sunscreen for the hot sun.

*Garbage disposal
– Please participate in reducing waste and separating recyclables for environmental protection. Please dispose of the produced waste in the designated bins provided at the venue.

*Preventive measures
– The event complies with central and local government measures. The mask mandate has been eased to voluntary wearing, but we encourage wearing masks in crowded situations.

– Video and photo shooting will take place at the event venue. These photos or videos may include portraits of event attendees, and such footage can be used in HYBE’s content.
– Selling illegal items near the event venue is prohibited. Legal action may take place when caught.
– Unauthorized individual events (distributing items, performances, etc.) near the event venue are prohibited to ensure safety and maintain order.
– There will be no separate storage facilities. Please take care of your valuables and personal belongings.
– Please be cautious not to damage grass, trees, various sculptures, and facilities in Yeouido Hangang Park.

— Weverse

Source: Weverse