International ARMYs Write BTS Lyrics In Korean In Celebration Of Hangul Day

ARMYs are paying respect to BTS’s lyrics.

In celebration of Hangul Day, ARMYs decided to schedule an event to celebrate BTS‘s lyrics. International ARMYs decided to trend the hashtag “#방탄때문에_한글배웠다“, which translates to “Because of BTS, I Learned Hangul”. They also trended the hashtags “HangulDay” in Korean and English. Along with this, they would write their favorite BTS lyrics down and post it online.

Fans celebrated BTS’s lyrics, with many sharing that their lyrics really touched them and cheered them up, which is what caused them to learn how to read and write in Hangul.

People agree that due to BTS’s popularity and growing fanbase, people have gained interest in Korean, which has caused more people to learn the language. People note that this is proof of the impact BTS has on the youth.

Fans chose to write their favorite lyrics in Korean and sharing why they chose though lyrics, with people sharing how deep the song means to them once they learned what the message was.

ARMY, have you participated in Hangul Day?