International Celebrities Join ARMY In Supporting BTS With A Tiny Symbol Of Love

It’s small but mighty.

This quite-literally-little trend started by ARMY is already being used to several international stars and outlets to support and promote BTS!

After BTS announced their new album, Map of the Soul: 7, ARMY Twitter was abuzz with theories about the titular number. On The Zach Sang Show, RM revealed that the number 7 is heavy with symbolism for the group.

It symbolizes the number of members and the years we have spent together. Also, 7 means very good luck, right?… In many different kinds of ways, 7 really feels like… this is it. This is the time that we have to use this title.”

— RM

To celebrate the album and support the group, fans quickly came up with a cute little way to show their love: adding a tiny ‘7’ to their social media display names.

And in true ARMY fashion, fans managed to spread the idea so widely that even major celebrities, TV shows, and magazines are catching on. The Late Late Show with James Corden was one of the first to follow the trend, adding purple hearts to their display name to seal the deal.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon also caught on. Before revealing that BTS would be starring on an upcoming episode of the show, @FallonTonight hinted at their big upcoming “announcement⁷”.

Earlier last month, ARMY spotted that Mason Ramsey added the tiny 7 to his name too. A big ARMY himself, Mason confessed that it was an honor for him to perform at the Grammys with BTS. His grandmother runs his Twitter account, so maybe she’s a fan too.

Another major Twitter account that’s joined the tiny 7 fun is PAPER Magazine. The admin is known to be a huge Jimin stan and has even changed the account’s Twitter header to a Jimin-themed image.

But fans are hoping the display name change is more than just an ARMY move to support the group.

Eagle-eyed ARMYs, keep your eyes out for any other stars and brands using the tiny 7 symbol—they could be hints of upcoming features and collabs!