International Fans Defend ENHYPEN’s Bodyguards For Using Force To Protect The Group When Getting Mobbed

The members looked like they were scared.

When ENHYPEN arrived at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany for the KPOP.FLEX festival, German fans welcomed the boys by making a huge path for them to walk down safely.

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Even when the boys finally walked down, fans still maintained a far enough distance that Ni-Ki even high-fived a fan while Jake tried to greet as many ENGENEs as possible.

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When the group returned to Korea and arrived at Incheon airport, they received completely different treatment from fans that immediately put them in danger.

Ni-Ki and Jungwon.

The members and their staff were instantly mobbed by fans while making their way through the airport. It became so dangerous that fans breached the outer perimeter of security, which caused one of their bodyguards to push a girl out of the way for being too close.

The girl stayed close to the group as they exited outside, causing the same bodyguard to shove her out of the way again. The bodyguard also pushed away another girl who’d been standing too close.

A different girl even managed to invade Heeseung‘s personal space and pull on him. Their bodyguard quickly pushed the girl off to protect the idol. All of these moments caught international fans’ attention.

Although Korean fans commented that the bodyguards shouldn’t have used force, many international fans pointed out it wouldn’t have been necessary if the boys had been given proper space. Even leader Jungwon was startled when fans broke through doors just to run after them and mob the group outside as well.

International fans defended the group’s bodyguards for doing all they could to protect the boys and even thanked them, especially for looking after Sunoo.

Check out the scary situation that had international fans thanking ENHYPEN’s bodyguards for doing their best.