International K-Pop Fans Call Out Racist And Hateful Comments Directed At Halle Bailey On NewJeans’ Instagram

“These are the kpop fans that give the community a bad rep.”

International K-Pop fans called out racist and hateful comments directed at Halle Bailey.

Halle Bailey | Variety

On March 22, NewJeans‘ official Instagram account uploaded several photos of member Hanni meeting with American stars Julia Garner and Halle Bailey.

The photo commemorating the meeting of three rising artists in their field, which should have been celebrated, unfortunately, was subjected to racist and hateful comments.

Hanni (left) and Halle Bailey (right) | @newjeans_official/Instagram

Several netizens felt it was necessary for them to display their ignorance by spewing hateful and racist comments directed at Halle Bailey.

  • “What is that monster mermaid?”
  • “Ha, f@ck… I was scrolling when I saw (Halle Bailey’s photo).”
  • “Princess Black Snapper.”
  • “Ew, it’s the Kraken.”
  • “If you play with her, your skin will turn black. Tsk tsk.”
  • “In one picture, you can see heaven and hell.”

International fans, however, did not just idly watch the hate. Many fans came to the defense of the all-world superstar and rebuked the netizens’ racist and hateful comments.

Meanwhile, Halle Bailey, who is considered one of the most talented artists in her generation, made history when Disney announced she would be playing Ariel in the studio’s upcoming live-action movie, The Little Mermaid.

Source: @newjeans_official/Instagram