The Internet Becomes Outraged At Youtuber Who Filmed Himself Abusing Kittens

An animal abuse case surfaced and shook the nation with disgust.

On a now-deleted YouTube channel called “Mugunghwa”, a Korean man uploaded a series of videos titled “(Cat Beating) 4 Dollars” and more, which showed himself abusing his cat.


In the following graphic video, the man films his cat lying on the floor, leashed and unable to move. The man strikes the cat’s head with his hand multiple times, as the cat hisses in agitation.


The cat seems to be going through seizures, enduring the man’s abuse. As the cat remained immobile and terrified, the abuser continued to film, saying “4 dollars, 4 dollars.”


When the Youtuber’s account and his videos were discovered, the internet became completely outraged.

  • “How can we help the cat? What can we do?”

  • “He started with a cat. He could easily move on to humans. He’s a psychopath and needs to be found and penalized. Please investigate!”

  • “I don’t know what to say… To think people like this might be my next door neighbors who pretend to be completely normal outside…”

  • “I hope he burns in hell.”


The animal rights organization CARE immediately began investigating. It uploaded the abuser’s videos, asking for reports of any clues that could lead the organization’s investigation.

해당 동물은 케어 동물구호팀에 의해 4월 12일 경기도 시흥시에서 구조되었습니다. 👉……< 현상금 300> 공유로 찾아 냅시다! 캣쏘우 흉내내는 악질 학대범이 학대자가 오늘 밤 자정에는 고양이를 죽인다고 했답니다. 반드시 찾아 냅시다. 영상의 집 내부, 학대자의 목소리, 그리고 고양이를 아시는 분은 동물권단체 케어로 제보해 주시기 바랍니다. 결정적 제보자에게 현상금을 지급합니다. 고양이는 하반신이 이미 마비된 듯 일어나지 못하고 있습니다. 반드시 찾아내서 법의 엄중한 심판을 받게 하고 고양이를 구출하도록 공유해 주시기 바랍니다. 유투브 계정은 ‘무궁화’를 사용했던 자라고 합니다. 동물권단체 케어고양이학대범#현상금300#동물권단체케어

Posted by 동물권단체 케어 / CARE on Wednesday, April 11, 2018

“This abuser has stated he will kill the cat tonight (April 11th). We must find him. Please report to CARE if you know anything about this man, based on house the house looks, what his voice sounds like, and what the cat looks like. To the person who finds this man, CARE will pay a cash reward of $3,000. The cat seems unable to stand up with paralysis. We must find this man and have him face the law for his crimes. We must rescue the cat. Please share this post and help us fix this.” — CARE


Soon after, CARE updated the internet that the abuser has been located.

“CARE has located the abuser from the videos on YouTube. After a long persuasion, he gave up the cat. At first the abuser stated he does not have a cat and the videos are from another controversial website ‘ilbe’, but ended up admitting to all his wrongdoings in the end… A CARE team is on its way to pick up the cat. Please do not report the abuser to the police until the cat is rescued and safe in our care.” — CARE


As of April 12th, the organization reported the news of the rescue and shared pictures of the cat from the video on its page.

[케어, 구조 완료]케어 동물구호팀은 경기도 시흥시에서 학대 고양이 구조를 마쳤습니다. 고양이는 일단 무사한 듯 보이나 자세한 상태 파악을 위해 현재 검진 받으러 병원으로 이동 중입니다. 학대자는 동물보호법으로…

Posted by 동물권단체 케어 / CARE on Thursday, April 12, 2018

“CARE has been successful at rescuing the abused cat in Siheung City, Korea. The cat seems to be okay, but we are on our way to the vet to make sure. The abuser will be sued for animal abuse and taken to face the law. CARE will continue to work hard to make sure that there is no room for animal abuse in South Korea.” — CARE


Many are stepping up to help, foster, and even adopt the rescued kitty!


With this, animal protection laws are once again found in heated discussion. Animal abuse is a serious and steadily growing problem in South Korea, as the nation is yet to implement stronger laws and regulations to protect animal rights.

Source: CARE Korea