“Interstellar” And “Parasite” Producers To Release Film About K-Pop And To Cast Actual Idols

Here’s what it’s about.

K-Pop’s influence around the world is now so significant that a movie is being made about it.

Recently, it was reported that Lynda Obst, the producer of Interstellar and Hope Floats, and Miky Lee, the executive producer of Parasite, are working together to release a movie about a K-Pop boy group.

Lynda Obst | NBC News
Miky Lee | The Hollywood Reporter

Entertainment company CJ ENM is in charge of production.

The movie is entitled K-Pop: Lost In America, and it revolves around a boy group that flies to the U.S. to debut in New York. However, they mistakenly land in Texas and must make their way to New York with limited time and money on their hands.

CJ ENM tasked JK Youn, the director of the hit film Haeundae in 2009 and melodrama Ode To My Father in 2014, to direct the movie. Youn was the first to direct two films that reached mega-blockbuster status at the Korean box office.

| JK Youn

Youn revealed that they are planning to cast K-Pop idols for the roles.

We plan to cast K-pop stars in addition to icons in the pop industry to appeal to a global audience.

— JK Youn

They will immediately start casting idols in Seoul, Korea. After auditions are completed in August, the pre-production stage will begin.

K-Pop: Lost In America will hit theaters in 2023.

Source: Variety and Chosun