“The Interview” admits unauthorized use of Yoon Mi Rae’s “Pay Day”

Sony Pictures Entertainment, the production company of the recently released film The Interview, has admitted that the use of Yoon Mi Rae‘s song was without legal nor formal authorization.

On May 13th (KST), Sony Pictures stated, “We admit to using Yoon Mi Rae’s song ‘Pay Day’ prior to formal licensing authorization. Also, we would want to emphasize the point that using this track in the film did not mean Yoon Mi Rae, Tiger JK, and Feel Good Music agreed to the content of our film. Both parties have resolved this issue peacefully and hope to not bring it up again.”

Previously, Yoon Mi Rae’s agency, Feel Good Music, revealed that The Interview used the singer and rapper’s track ‘Pay Day,’ which is listed in her 3rd album released in 2007, without any form of authorization. At the time, the agency commented, “We only knew that the song was used once the film came out. Although we received an offer from Sony Pictures, we never signed an official contract nor were contacted regarding the matter.”  The track featuring her husband and rapper, Tiger JK, came out during the film’s segment when the president Kim Jong Un and show host Dave Skylark drink and party with the ladies.

Feel Good Music officially hired an American attorney, following four months of legal dispute between the two parties. However, Sony Pictures is remaining private regarding the settlement that has been made.

Source: Yonhap News