Introducing The Final Members Of “Fantasy Boys” New Group

Did your favorite trainee make the group?

The final episode of the MBC‘s Fantasy Boys just ended, meaning the winners have been decided! Fantasy Boys, also the group’s name, boasts twelve members — check out the final ranking below!

12. Kaedan

Kaedan was previously ranked eighteenth in the semi-finals.

11. Hikaru

Hikaru was previously ranked fourth in the semi-finals.

10. Kim Woo Seok

Kim Woo Seok was ranked third in the semi-finals.

9. K-Soul

K-Soul was previously ranked fifth in the semi-finals.

8. Hikari

Hikari was ranked sixth in the semi-finals.

7. Kang Min Seo

Kang Min Seo was previously ranked eleventh place in the semi-finals

6. Ling Qi

Ling Qi was previously ranked seventh place in the semi-finals.

5. Lee Han Bin

Lee Han Bin was wanked eight in the semi-finals.

4. Oh Hyeon Tae

Oh Hyeon Tae was previously ranked fourteenth in the semi-finals.

3. Hong Seong Min

Hong Seong Min was previously second in the semi-finals.

2. Kim Gyu Rae

Kim Gyu Rae previously ranked fifteenth in the semi-finals

1. Yu Jun Won

Yu Jun Won remained in first place after placing in the semi-finals.