Investigators apply for search and seizure warrant on alleged suspects involved in Jisoo’s case

As formal investigation was launched following Woollim Entertainment and Jisoo’s request, investigators revealed that they have applied for a search and seizure warrant. 

On November 12th, Cyber Crime Lab officials from Seoul Mapo Police Department revealed that they have filed a search and seizure warrant for the identity of the internet users involved in the case as they determine the cause of the circulating rumours.

It was further revealed that as the search and seizure warrant are issued format the court, the investigators will be able to identify the suspects after data searches to the portal site. Once they identify the people involved, they will be summoned by investigators immediately.

An official involved in the case further stated that even if the alleged suspect is caught, there might be differences in their claims, saying, “All we can do is begin the search and investigations and we plan to summon both sides of this incident as soon as we find the original poster.”

Meanwhile, Jisoo was not able to join Lovelyz in their debut showcase today as she undergoes psychological treatment following recent accusations surrounding her.

Ahead of their upcoming album release on November 17th, Lovelyz released the video teaser for “Candy Jelly Love.”

Source: Newsis and Newsen