Former I.O.I Member Choi Yoojung Reveals The Consequences Of Starting Trainee Life At Young Age

She became a trainee when she was 13.

Former I.O.I member and Weki Meki‘s Yoojung guested on January 28th’s episode of the radio program Cultwo Show and talked about the consequences of starting training at a young age.


During the broadcast, one of the radio listeners who works at the hospital next to Fantagio‘s company building sent a message saying that they’ve seen Yoojung since she was a trainee.

I’m working at the building next to the Fantagio Entertainment building. I saw Yoojung since she was a trainee. She grew up well.

ㅡ Radio listener


When the radio host asked Yoojung when she first became a trainee, she surprised everyone by replying that it was when she was only 13 years old.


She then explained that her director used to call her “walking hospital” because of all the illnesses she always suffered from.

At the time, our director gave me the nickname “walking hospital.” Since I began practicing at a young age, my joints are pretty bad and I often suffered from colds.

ㅡ Yoojung


She added that she still suffers from joint pain to this day.

Even now, my joints are not in the best condition.

ㅡ Yoojung



Source: Newsen