IOI Manager Fired From Position After Video Goes Viral Of Him Yelling At The Girls

After being caught with controversy against the fans, it seems like YMC Entertainment have rectified the situation about I.O.I and their manager. 

Earlier today, I.O.I’s manager received a lot of backlash from the fans and netizens after a video yelling at the members after a schedule went viral. The video, which was originally posted on the group’s official fan cafe, showed the manager yelling at the members to quickly get into their vehicle following a performance for The Show, especially towards member Yeonjung who was preoccupied with her umbrella and the fans present.

As the treatment was widely discussed online, some fans cannot help but comment on the rude behaviour towards the members, allowing YMC Entertainment to timely response.

In a recent update, the agency stated that the manager responsible for the incident has been reassigned to another job.

Source: E-Today