[★BREAKING] I.O.I officially shuts down fanclub and says goodbye

I.O.I will be shutting down their fan club and have already said goodbye to fans as the group is set to officially disband after 9 months together.

I.O.I revealed they would be officially disbanding on January 31, 2017 just days after their solo concert tour. The tour, titled “Time Slip – I.O.I” was held from January 20 – 22, at the same venue I.O.I held their debut showcase.

The final song released by I.O.I was titled “Downpour” and was personally picked by the members to be their goodbye song to fans.

The group will finish up their activities as a group on January 25th, in just two days, with the filming of a new CF for the clothing company, Elite.

YMC Entertainment, the label that manages I.O.I as a group released a statement revealing the fan cafe will be shutting down to protect fans information and the original intentions of the fan club.

“As of January 31st, I.O.I’s fancafe will no longer be managed by YMC Entertainment. The reason for this is because if we hand over the management of the fancafe to another entity, it may cause problems as user information will be available to the new administrators.

We are also worried that the fancafe may deviate from its original purpose of supporting I.O.I into an advertisement cafe. For these reasons we have decided to shut the fancafe down. We understand that many fans cherish the fancafe and we thank them for it.

We request that you please understand our decision and continue supporting the members of I.O.I in their individual careers.”

— YMC Entertainment

The girls also said goodbye to their fans at the end of the concert and shared images to their Twitter and Instagram with the message, “Until now, this has been I.O.I. YES, I LOVE IT! Thank you!”. The signs they’re holding up say, “Don’t forget we really loved you.”

Watch their performance below!