I.O.I Reunion Plans Reportedly On The Verge Of Cancelation As Kyulkyung Also Pulls Out From Their Comeback

I.O.I’s highly anticipated reunion is reportedly on the verge of being canceled.

One of the main reasons for the cancelation rumors is reportedly due to the lack of member participation. I.O.I initially announced their plans to have a reunion comeback without Yeonjung from Cosmic Girls and Jeon Somi who had to decline the offer due to their schedules. Weki Meki‘s Yoojung is currently taking a break from all promotions due to health issues, and now Zhou Kyulkyung has pulled out from their comeback plans due to her busy schedules in China.


Another reason is reportedly due to contrasting opinions from their respective agencies. The group had reportedly chosen their new song and set a schedule for their music video filming but it had all fallen apart when some of the members’ agencies had disagreed with the song choice.

I.O.I originally planned to make a comeback in October, but delayed it to December. But as evidence were found of Produce 101‘s producers allegedly manipulating the final votes for PRODUCE X 101 and CJ ENM were called into investigation by the police, producers are worried that I.O.I’s comeback news would face backlash.


An insider who works with I.O.I announced that discussions for the reunion has halted. It is uncertain if the plans will be delayed or canceled all together as of yet.

CJ ENM and the I.O.I members’ discussion about their reunion has stopped moving forward. They’re not working on choosing their song either. Since Jeon Somi, Choi Yoojung and Zhou Kyulkyung will not be participating, the reasoning behind their reunion is disappearing.

Since CJ ENM is also being investigated by the police, it’s making the reunion more difficult.

— I.O.I Insider

Source: Sports Seoul