Irene Is Going To Be Singing In English And ReVeluv Are Beyond Excited

Irene is making her solo debut, and in English!

Irene is set to feature on Raiden’s upcoming digital single, The Only. The song is being facilitated by Protocol Recordings which offered more insight into what we can expect.

Korean powerhouses Raiden and IRENE of K-Pop group Red Velvet have teamed up for their new dance-pop crossover track “The Only” on Protocol Recordings. The new single delivers both feel-good, groovy production and dazzling vocals, giving it mass appeal to fans of both genres. Raiden’s upbeat melodies serve as a perfect backdrop for IRENE’s angelic tones, building to a gently progressive drop. Though the track is mostly in Korean, “The Only” proves that words aren’t necessary to evoke an emotion. Listeners will feel the romantic theme regardless of their native language. “The Only” also marks IRENE’s debut as a solo artist and Raiden’s’ 10th release on Protocol, following June’s “Someone New” with Thomas Gold and 2018’s collaboration with another K-pop star – “Always Find You” with YURI of Girls’ Generation.

– Protocol Records

Later, some more exciting news came out about the upcoming song. Irene will be singing a chorus partially in English and then later a full English remix will be released.

ReVeluv is very excited to hear what Irene’s vocals and rap will sound like in a full English song!

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