Irene Kim Reveals That She Has A Huge Girl Crush On MAMAMOO’s Hwasa

She fangirled hard!

Irene Kim is a huge Hwasa fan, and she released her inner fangirl!

On the latest episode of Eric Nam‘s K-Pop Daebak Show podcast, model and influencer Irene Kim appeared as a guest, where she chatted about tons of interesting topics!

One of the questions asked to her was:

What are you listening to recently in K-Pop? What music in K-Pop really influenced you or, [what music] do you love, like some of your favorite K-Pop songs?

— Eric Nam

Irene revealed that she’s a long-time lover of K-Pop, but these days, it’s MAMAMOO‘s gorgeous maknae Hwasa that has her fangirling hard!

I love K-Pop. I think I always have loved K-Pop. Right now…I really like Hwasa. Like, “Maria” [Hwasa’s solo song]. I think she’s so hot.

— Irene Kim

Irene Kim fangirled over Hwasa’s visuals some more, while also citing her passion as a performer as a huge attracting quality for her!

She’s beautiful! And like she’s so talented and so charming. The way she sings and dances like you could see that it’s coming from her heart.

I got a big girl crush on Hwasa.

— Irene Kim

Eric Nam then asked Irene to send a voice message to Hwasa, to which Irene cutely obliged!

Hi Hwasa, it’s Irene. I don’t know if you know who I am but I really love your music and the way that you express yourself.

I sound like a stalker!

— Irene Kim

Who wouldn’t love talented and charismatic Hwasa?!

You can watch Irene’s hilarious and adorable fangirling here!