Irene Proved She Was The Best Leader When She Made Sure To Promote Red Velvet When Her New Solo Song Was Released

Irene is always thinking about her fellow members

Recently, Red Velvet’s Irene has featured on “The Only” which is a digital single released DJ and producer Raiden.

To promote the single, both Irene and Raiden have collaborated to curate this week’s Protocol Spotlight playlist on Spotify.

First up on the playlist is of course, “The Only”, which has been described as a dance-pop track that is meant to make the listener feel the romantic theme, whatever the language they speak.

The playlist included other songs that Raiden has produced, including “Always Find You” which features Girls’ Generation’s Yuri.

But what many fans highlighted was so heartwarming was that on this playlist, there were several Red Velvet songs that were added.

Irene made sure that the playlist included Red Velvet’s latest title track “Zimzalabim” as well as other tracks from their latest album, “Sunny Side Up” and “Milkshake”.

Furthermore, Irene ensured that while she was promoting her single, she was also promoting Red Velvet’s biggest hits like “Red Flavor” and “Bad Boy”.

The playlist also included the Red Velvet remix of “Close To Me” by Ellie Goulding.

What was even more heartwarming, was that Irene made sure that the playlist included songs that all of the other Red Velvet members had featured on.

She included Yeri’s self-composed song “Dear Diary” and Wendy and Seulgi’s song from the Hwarang OST “Only You”.

Irene proved how thoughtful she was when she made sure that a song that each member featured individually in was included. The playlist promoted Joy’s feature in digital single “Always In My Heart” and Wendy’s collaboration single “Written In The Stars” with John Legend.

This just goes to show how even when the spotlight is shining on Irene, she always makes sure to promote her other members and her group.

And this is why fans adore her as one of the best leaders. Irene is always thinking of her group and of each of the other members.

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